Thinking about Foresight

Some thoughts about futures processes, foresight and assumptions
I started this post after the Summer School and finished it last week - delayed so I could reflect on the challenges to my thinking.
It is where we imagine our futures.
It's our capacity to think about and imagine futures in the present: nothing more, nothing less
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Some thoughts
Our inner selves in the foresight space
I started writing this post to help me clarify what I wanted my book to cover. Yes, that book, currently held up by my realisation that more was needed…
I found myself thinking that we should call any foresight process a conversation about futures - a sort of meta-term to support all the other terms we…
What I'm trying to say is that we need to add a pre-step to the design of FFS processes - one where people have the opportunity to find their foresight…
That's what we need in futures thinking, being ready to give the previously unexperienced ideas and images a go.
My posts tend to begin with a prompt from something I read and this post is the same. I haven't seen the term 'future proofing' for a while and had…