Getting Started

This post is an extract from my first book: Foresight Infused Strategy - A How-To Guide for Using Foresight in Practice (2016) and describes the start…
Foresight really only makes sense to people in ways that change how they think about futures when it is experienced, when it is 'felt'.
I think I first heard the phrase trust emergence from Joseph Voros when we were working together more than two decades ago to do foresight at Swinburne…
People who think about futures for a living are an almost indefinable group of people. They come from all walks of life, with unique experiences and a…
Some reflections on the need for us to find our space in the increasingly crowded futures/foresight field.
How to stop believing in the single future
A little story about two ways to approach thinking about futures.
Some issues that shape how we communicate the value of foresight and futures work.
Some thoughts on the value - or lack of it - of case studies. And why using applied foresight can't be reduced to a single case.
Some good advice about getting started with using foresight from my connections on LinkedIn.
In a FuturePod podcast recently, I was asked about how my career in the foresight field has emerged, stalled and shifted over time.
A few years ago now, I gave an interview to people who were developing career resources for people who wanted to be foresighters.