Conversations about Futures

It is where we imagine our futures.
This site and my business website Foresight Futures are designed around my belief that before we embark on any foresight exercise - developing scenarios…
An overview of the Futures Conversation Framework, used to design integrated conversations.
These three dimensions underpin the design of the Futures Conversations Framework.
An overview of Integral Futures, the approach used to integrate the visible and invisible sides of our realities in the Conversations Framework.
An overview of an adapted integral approach
The integrated four conversations framework is introduced in this post.
The details about the Conversation with Self - the space where we can surface our foresight capacities.
Exploring organisational culture and how it shapes our conversations about futures.
Ensuring that our scanning and understanding of change is underpinned by an awareness of the assumptions that underpin our thinking.
Identifying organisational assumptions about futures in strategic artefacts and how they can shape actions in the present.
Videos and slides from presentations about the Conversations Framework.