Foresight in the Present
Thoughts, ideas, content and events about foresight. Join me on a collaborative journey about finding and using our foresight.
Methods and Madness
Meredith Lewis
Andrew Curry
Bryan’s Substack
Bryan Alexander
Heather Cox Richardson
Learning Futures
The Futures Collaborative
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Background knowledge: definitions/terminology, history, links with neuroscience, the power of worldviews, and a word about predictions.
Posts about change happening in our external environments.
A new framework under development to integrate our inner and outer worlds in the design of foresight processes.
Overviews of major futures methods in which we apply our foresight in practice - being developed, more posts to come. These post are not detailed so don’t expect a how-to-guide.
How to find your own foresight capacity and how to begin to use foresight approaches in your work. Some first steps and lessons learned from my practice and research.
Exploring our worldviews and the assumptions that shape how we think about futures.
My reflections on particular things, mostly related to end of year type posts.
Some posts about our worldviews, what they are, how ws section is a work in progress.

Foresight in the Present